SRL OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY & WELLNESSAccording to WHO Out of 11 million cases of occupational diseases in the world 1.9 million cases (17%) are contributed by India and out of 0.7 million deaths in the world 0.12 (17%) is contributed by India. National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) states that a few of the leading work-related illnesses and injuries include, Occupational lung disease ,Occupational cancer , cardio-vascular diseases, occupational asthma , disorder of reproduction, neurotoxicity, noise induced hearing loss, dermatological conditions, and psychological disorders.

SRL provides you with complete offering, including occupational health based expertise, trainings & workshops, and assessments, would help you in achieving better employee health and safety as well as better product safety and efficacy, thereby translating your occupational health effort into bigger profits and better health and safety management for your organization


  • Helps in compliance with statutory occupational health and safety laws and regulations
  • Brings down the cost of medical emergencies
  • Prevention of hospitalization cases
  • Prevention of communicable diseases like Malaria and Tuberculosis
  • Prevention of diseases like HIV ,cardiovascular diseases and diabetes which are assumed to be more than double by 2015, along with a corresponding increase in the prevalence level of tuberculosis and a rise of 25 per cent in Cancers (Government of India, 2005).
  • There are numerous studies to support that wellness programs at work helps in saving valuable resources in terms of time, money and productivity.
  • Boosts the work place morale leading to upbeat and energetic employees
  • Enhances the company brand value, attracting the best talent in the industry.
  • Promotes company loyalty and retention of skilled staff

  • Expertise in this area to ensure smooth setting up and over all functioning of the permanent wellness unit at the centres with consultants, nurses, technicians and other services.
  • On site periodic consultation and advice from general physicians as well as from occupational health experts for the optimum health of the employees.
  • Wide spectrum of 3500 tests.
  • Specialized pathology based investigation for specific occupational health problems/conditions.
  • Comprehensive non pathology diagnostics modalities ( X-ray, ECG, TMT, Ultrasound, other medical imaging modalities, audiometry, PFT ) for whole body health as well as specific disease diagnoses
  • Offerings in the form of panels / packages to combine comprehensive coverage with price optimization
  • Specialized occupational health advice from Occupational health experts.
  • SRL has multiple teams right from projects (architecture) to operation and wellness for providing complete solution from the stage of planning to successful running of an Occupational Health Unit at the centres.

SRL offerings and services are based on our diagnostics excellence and our knowledge leadership in the industry, and are aimed at helping you achieve a healthy and safer workforce and a healthier business. SRL offers you a wide spectrum of offerings in this section:


S no Heavy Metals Target Organ Industry SRL’s Tests
1 ALUMINIUM Bones, Brain, Kidneys
Manufacturing and metal finishing process, Fireworks, Ceramics and paints, Electrical goods, Smelting industry, manufacturing of abrasives Aluminium ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Serum)
2 ARSENIC Blood, Kidneys, Central Nervous System, Digestive System, Skin Manufacturing of Brass, Bronze, Ceramics, Dyes, Wood products and Paints, Smelting process of copper, zinc and lead; Manufacture of chemicals and glass Arsenic ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood)
3 BISMUTH Kidney, Liver, Brain, Central Nervous System Cosmetic industries, pharmaceuticals Bismuth ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood)
3 CADMIUM Liver, Placenta, Kidneys, Lungs , Brain, Bone Battery industry, pigment manufacturing, Electroplating, imitation jewellery making Cadmium ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood)
4 CHROMIUM Lung Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Adrenals, Plasma, Bone, Marrow Electroplating, Welding, Steel making, Leather Tanning, Photography, Dyeing and Chemical manufacturing Chromium ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Serum)
5 COBALT Lungs Hard metal industry, Glass, ceramics, and paints industry, petroleum industry, manufacturing of batteries. Cobalt ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood)
6 COPPER Brain, Skin, Hair, Central Nervous System, Blood , Bones Smelting industry, Mining, Manufacturing of fungicides and algaecides, Manufacturing of ceramics, jewellery and coins Copper ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Serum)
7 LEAD Bones , Brain, Blood, Kidneys, Thyroid Gland Paint industry, Ceramic glazes, Smelting, Battery making, Soldering, Stained glass manufacturing, Brass and Bronze foundry Lead ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood)
8 MANGANESE Bones, Brain, Central Nervous System Foundry, Welding, Manufacturing of drugs, glass, warnish, ceramics, feed additives, Dry cell manufacturing Manganese ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood)
9 MERCURY Brain, Kidneys, Stomach, Eyes, Ears Mining, Smelting industry, Manufacturing of mirrors, tubelighs and bulbs, Pesticide and Fungicide production, Photography, Mercury battery manufacturing, Mercury containing instruments such as thermometers and barometers, Chloralkali industry Mercury (24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Serum)
10 NICKEL Lung, Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Adrenals, Plasma, Bone Marrow Ink, Magnets, Spark plugs, paints, Stainless steel including Welding, enamels, Ceramics, Batteries, Glass, Alloys Nickel ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Serum)
11 SELENIUM Lungs, Stomach, Brain, Blood, Skin, Nose ,Throat, Teeth Rubber industry, Photography, Pigment manufacturing, Glass industry Selenium ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Blood, Serum)
12 ZINC Immune System, Blood, Pancreas , Stomach, Cholesterol, GI System, Taste Manufacturing of Brass and Bronze, Paint, Rubber, Dyes, Wood preservatives and Ointments, Galvanizing. Zinc ( 24 Hr Urine, Urine Spot, Serum)

SRL offerings and services are based on our diagnostic excellence and our knowledge leadership in the industry, and are aimed at helping you achieve a healthy and safer workforce and a healthier business. SRL offers you a wide spectrum of offerings in this section:

SRL’s Occupational Wellness Products and Services are as below:

  • Industry Specific Occupational Health Screenings
  • Industry Specific Interim health check
  • Industry Specific Regular & Periodic Screenings
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Drug Of Abuse Assessments.
  • Industry Specific Prevention & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Industry Specific special customized packages
  • Industry and Disease specific camps
  • Immunisations/safety screen
  • Post Test consultation
  • Wellness Full Day Consultations ( MBBS)
  • Pre Employment Assessments
  • Annual Medical Checks
  • Statistical health report of employees for the key clients with recommendations and suggestion for improvement of health of employees.
  • Health Promotion- Workshops, lectures leaflets, posters, ezines on wellness related topics etc.