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Thyroid Panel, Serum

Triiodothyronine t3, is a thyroid hormone. it affects almost every physiological process in the bod…

  • 550.00
Vitamin D, 25 – Hydroxyvitamin D, Serum

25-hydroxy vitamin d is the major circulating form of vitamin d very important for strong bones.def…

  • 1,650.00
Cortisol Serum

it is a hormone required to detect congenital adrenal hyperplasia along with androstenedione and 1…

  • 750.00
Coronary Risk Profile (Lipid Profile), Serum, Cholesterol Test

Assessment for risk of developing cardiovascular disease, major adverse cardiovascular events, or is…

  • 690.00
Active Care for Professionals On The Go Package

Ideal for professionals who lead a stressful life juggling between multiple projects, traveling and …

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4,700.00 1,899.00Add to cart

  • 4,700.00 1,899.00
Complete Care Total With Smart Health Report

Ideal for people who suspect having lifestyle disorders such as anemia, anxiety, etc.

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  • 7,765.00 3,399.00

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